Vintage Signed Schoffel & Company of Austria Necklace

Schoffel and Company of Austria Necklace of Blue and Borealis Stones Marked with Crown

T are many sources throughout history of exceptional costume jewelry! Occasionally t is a rare instance when, reaching for a piece, the fingers tremble and breath catches in the throat. Circa 1940s - 1950s and this is the case. This necklace is by Schoffel.

In Austria , from 1930 through somew between 1960 and 1970, t was a jewelry producing company named Schoffel and Company. The hallmark of this company was the crown mark that you see enlarged in my photographs. I have scanned, as well as photographed this necklace in an attempt to capture it's magnificence and the pictures are fairly good, but don't come close to capturing the brilliance in light refraction, color, and quality of work! The crystals are art quality Swarovski in shades of blue and borealis. The necklace is in very good vintage condition, meaning I find no repairs, no missing stones, and no remarkable damage in the plating. T is a few spots on the back before the extender that do show some wear, but that is the only section that has any wear.

Mechanically all parts are sound and in excellent working condition. The Schoffel crown mark appears on the back of the centerpiece of the necklace. The centerpiece is also 3 dimensional because of the way the stones are
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