Vintage Silver Aluminum Christmas Tree 6' Shiney Swirl

Vintage Super-shiny Swirl Aluminum Christmas tree, 6 feet tall.

Box states, "Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree" by the Aluminum Specialty Company, Manitowoc Wisconsin . "Model 4146 Swirl" stamped on end. The box measures 26" x 7" x 7"

Has all 49 branches, and they do indeed have a beautiful swirl to them. (similar to the "twist & curl" style, a bit more refined), really glittering in the light. They can be "fluffed up" and give the tree a full look.

Branches measure 24" long. The "needles" on the branch measure 3-1/2" long. The tree measures 42" at the widest point and tapers up.

Add a little movement from your color wheel and you have a hypnotic light show... Color wheel does not have orig box or manuf label.

The tree still has the store display hang-tag "Certified Aluminum Trees"

Orig Tripod stand is present, all the branches are carefully placed in their original waxy paper sleeves. The pole is in two parts.

Trunk or pole, has a type of paper foil taped on, missing a bit w it goes in the stand, and one other small bit towards the top. I saved the pieces that came off just in case someone wanted to tape them back on. I was going to take the paper off and spray the pole silver, but decided to let you do that if you want. Right now it has a sort of "shabby" vintage
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