We have for your viewing and bidding pleasure a vintage pair of used Cowboy spurs.These are the real deal and not reproductions or new.They are quality,heavy duty and have real good weight to them.Inside the heel of the 1 1/4" wide spur bands on both spurs they are marked with the maker FOSS.The spur bands are a solid 1/8" thick.On the outside of each of the spurs is an overlaid star inside a circle.Also on the same side of the spur that has the star it has a 5/8" silver overlaid spur button which is intricately engraved.On the 2 1/8" shanks t are 3 sections of overlaid engraved silver.The main engraving is in a rather leaf like design.The 1 3/8" rowels have a rather unique and unusual shape.W the bands start to go on the heel of the boot it is 2 7/8" across.They have good natural aged patina and also some natural rusting in some areas.T are no damage issues.We are listing them and describing them in their "as found" condition.We have not attempted to clean them up or polish them.We wanted to leave them in their natural state.We believe they originated in the Lone Star state of Texas but have no documentation stating as such.We are listing these vintage pair of FOSS spurs at a no reserve selling price.So,thanks for looking and good luck bidding.This is the only type of these spurs that we have ever had or come across in 30 plus years ... read more