Vintage Silver Forest Aluminum Xmas Tree, Base & Wheel

This 6½' "Silver Forest Aluminum Christmas Tree" is in good condition. The tree is in its original packaging, and contains all the branches in their original storage sleeves. The original price of the tree is still on the package ($13.77)!!! Some of the branches do show the beginnings of separation of the aluminum from the metal rod. Ornaments on the tree are NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION.

The "Holly Time Tree Turner" rotating base is also in its original packaging, it has been tested and works flawlessly. The original price is on this box as well ($6.96)!!!

The "Holly Time Color Wheel" has original packaging as well, but the motor for the wheel has been replaced due to the original motor failing. The original motor (non-working) is also included in this auction. The Color Wheel has been tested and works fine. And yes...the original price on this one is t as well ($1.99 at SamSons)!!!