vintage silver E. Indian ethnic tribal necklace, beads

this auction is for a 26" strand of gorgeous vintage/ antique silver ethnic tribal Asian beads. The beads test for silver, but are not marked sterling or 925. As with much ethnic jewelry, they may be coin silver or some grade between 900 & 925. In any case they are very large and very beautiful. Each bead is 1" long and 2" in diameter. there is a repetitive looping pattern around the center of each bead, surrounded by 3 decorative bars to the top and bottom. The beads should ideally be re-strung, as they are currently loosely strung on what appears to be cotton cord. This is how I found them, and they are secure, (I have even worn them this way) but for a more finished look they should be strung on either silk cord or chain, and would be great combined with semi-precious stones such as turquoise, amber, or carnelian. The strand fits easily over the head, and there is no clasp. Absolutely stunning.