Very interestingly designed silent butler with fitted glass insert that measures 4 1/2" by 5", 3" tall with the wood handle measuring 3 3/4" long and 3/4" widest. The glass insert appears to be original as it is a perfect fit and is in wonderful condition with NO breaks or chips and only a few bubbles inside the glass. The butler is quite interesting with four ball and claw feet-avian style and the thumb pull is a lions foot and the hinge works great and is in excellent condition! I do not know what kind of wood the handle is made of, it is a nice rich dark stain with nice graining and besides a nick at the base, which did NOT go through the stain it is in great condition. The bottom mark is very light,and not possible to photograph, it is EPC with each letter in a square, a stylized lions? head facing right, crown and an english S with the numbers 282 underneath. I only lightly cleaned the exterior so as to inspect the surface, t are polishing scratches, a few, less than an 1/8" black specks which appear to be plate wear on the exterior of the top, and some of the black specks on the interior and interior edges does appear to be wear although I believe most will clean up. The exterior is still quite nice and none of the specks truly diminish the displayability of this beautifully designed silent bulter! Please feel free to email ... read more