Vintage Singer 128 La Vincendora decals + Case/key

Vintage Singer 128 La Vincendora decals + Case/key

Great old Singer 128, comes with Bentwood case and key, several bobbins and one shuttle. Kneebar and oilcan, also an instruction book but we are also including a pdf file of a 128 instruction book, the hard copy is incomplete, it looks to be more about the kneebar use then threading and sewing.

Serial Number is: AA271220

allotment date:2-26-1925

decals: La Vincendora

Very pretty decals and more preserved than most, if you are looking to have a nice looking version of this model then this is it!

Our sewer has sewed with it off and on with no problems, threading the shuttle is easy and you can watch a video on youtube showing the how to.

THIS ITEM SHIPS FEDEX, it may say ups in the invoice but ebay is having some problems in the form letting us pick fedex.... glitch.

Thanks for looking in! Paul