Vintage SINGER Sewing Machine Cabinet No. 56

Vintage SINGER Sewing Machine Cabinet No. 56 Walnut Finish This is a SINGER sewing machine cabinet, circa 1950's and the model #56.
Everything is solid and working as it should, the drawer for storage in the front and the bar that swings out to hold the top when it is opened. The top sits flat when closed. It has the knee lever and the bracket to hold the foot pedal installed inside the cabinet, the dust board, just as when new!
The hole for the machine measures 16 5/8'' X 7 1/8'' deep (WITHOUT the black metal spacer bar). It is 14 3/4'' X 7 1/8'' 'as is' WITH the metal spacer bar. The measurement of the hinge pin on the left is 2 9/16'' dead center and 4 3/8'' from the right, also dead center. This cabinet will work for machines that are not Singer, you just need to measure the bed of your machine and hinge placements.
As is, this cabinet will accommodate a Singer 201, 15, or 66 etc. If you want to put a 301, 401, or a 403 model in it, you'll need to remove the black metal spacer bar.
The cabinet has a lovely shine throughout! This cabinet has many colors and lovely wood grains. It has a small dent beside the black spacer as shown in the last photo. It is is good sturdy solid condition and quite a lovely example of a Singer cabinet!
The cabinet will be disassembled for a lessor shipping rate and a safer transport
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