Vintage Rare Slingerand Geisler Snare Drum

Rare Vintage Slingerland Eugene Geisler

I've tried to upload as many pics as possible to give a good idea of condition. It's missing a 4 bottom"clips" for the rim.

This drum was owned by my good friend Al "The Music Man" Falso. Al was the "Rodfather" for those who may know of The Rods. Al's wife recently asked me to look over some drums she had saved after Al had passed. I found this drum and told her I'd sell it for her. This drum had a note taped to the head from Al that said "Do Not Sell". The note was placed on the drum in the late 1960's. That means this drum has been in storage for over forty years. A truly rare find for collectors.

Al's wife is now 80 and can use the money. I've done a little research on the drum with collectors and am now placing it up for auction. Quite honestly I considered buying it myself but I've been selling off my collection in the past few years because I already have so many snare drums (I also have a cherished Radio King that was Al's first drum that he gave me which I could never part with).

I was also going to clean and re-head this drum to check it out but thought that it might be better to leave it as is for any collectors. Please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer any questions. I'm going to put a reserve on this drum that meets the minimum
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