Cool Set of Bongo Drums
~ Slingerland Radio King, Chicago, IL ~

Item Description:
I don't know much about drums - please ask if you have any questions!

Vintage set of bongo drums made by Slingerland of Chicago, IL (found on the hardware inside). Has a vanilla pearlized wrap. I tried to figure out the age of this, and based on the finish, it looks like the Marine Pearl of 1936 or 1940 catalog. Not sure since later catalogs show Marine Pearl looking more blueish. The only solid thing I know is that it is pre- 1959 since it is in Chicago.

Slingerland (Radio) King is etched on the metal rim. The "Radio" etching is worn. It looks like it is made of a hardwood like maple.

The 8" drum wood shell is in good condition, but the top and bottom inner rings need to be glued/repaired. Also on the 8", the outside top ring /rim that holds the skin (t's the metal one and a wooden one), the wooden ring/rim/hoop has some duct tape on it.

The 6" drum structure is good. The leather or suede top needs to be replaced. The lugs are shifted up a bit because you can see part of the screw hole (see pics). The lugs are also screwed down too tight (the wrap is smooth all around, but just above the lugs on this 6", it pudges out a little). I think the original ring/hoop is supposed to be wooden, like on the 8
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