Vintage Slingerland Buddy Rich 10 Lug COB 14'x6.5' Snare Drum With TDR Strainer

Welcome to my auction. You are looking at a beautiful example of Slingerland snare history, a 1976-79 COB 14"x 6.5" Buddy Rich mosel snare drum.Black and Silver badge, serial number 402181 dates this drum between those years.This is a beast of a drum, a 10 lug � beauty with the TDR strainer and 3 vent holes so this baby is Loud! The rubber stop grommet has eroded but the strainer works flawlessly. Both the lugs and shell are Chrome over Brass with no rust or pitting and the tension rods are rust free also. The COB shell has a few� scratches� and a few very small pin sized dings but no dents in it. The Hoops are COS and are in great shape. It has a later generation Slingerland tone control that at first I wasn't too sure if I liked it but after playing it I love it. I have a Remo Clear Ambassador for the snare side and a new Remo Coated Emperor X for the batter side. I have a new Puresound snares made just for the TDR strainer. The 10 lugs make this an easy snare to tune and like I said before it is a beast to play. Weighs a ton and a great example of American craftsmanship.I have been playing drums for 50 years and this is a beauty. You will not be disappointed with this drum.The TDR strainer, in my opinion, is a much better strainer than the Zoomatic strainer. Easier to work with. I have enjoyed playing it but for the last 2 years ... read more