Vintage Slingerland Drum set WMP 1970s

Vintage Slingerland 1970s drum set in White Marine Pearl. Niles Illinois badges. The set consists of a seven inch deep snare (7 x 14), a 24 inch bass drum, two 16 x 16 floor tom toms and a 13 x 9 inch mounted tom. The drums sound great, really project and are in good condition.
The seams are great with no splitting or peeling. The finish is good with no major scratches. The shells are in good condition. Two of the rims are new (old included in sale too), the others are in average condition and have some light pitting and rust typical to 30+ year old drums. The heads are used. The paint on the bass drum hoops have some wear and tear, but it is not too bad with some scrapes and claw marks. One set of floor tom legs are Ludwigs and t is a Ludwig cymbal mount bracket on the bass drum. One floor tom is slightly more "yellowed" than the rest of the set.
No cymbals or stands included with the sale.
Shipping is set at $75 for the continental U.S., but local pickup is recommended (shipping fees will be returned if picking up in person). Overseas buyers contact me first for shipping arrangements.