vintage Slingerland drumset

Up for auction is an absolutely beautiful mid 60's Vintage Slingerland Solo drumset in Sparkling Champagne Pearl. I am the second owner of this set which was purchased from an older gentleman who used for a couple of years in the 60's and for whatever reason stopped drumming and packed it away in his hall closet in soft drum cases for 40+ years. The wrap, color and chrome on this set looks like it just came off the show room floor. The term excellent and mint are used very loosely on this site but I can assure you this finish is excellent/mint.
The set has black and bronze Niles badges and Includes:
20" bass- Serial # 138531
12" Rack Tom- Serial #138719
12" Rack Tom-Serial #138796
16" floor tom- Serial # 138754 14" chrome over Brass Radio King Serial # 29126
All the Toms have chrome over brass stick saver rims with chrome that is absolutely perfect. All head bearing surfaces are perfect as well as the shells themselves. Drumset is all original parts..nothing has be changed or restored. The drum heads are currently all Remo heads but I have all the original heads and will provide them with the sale.
In addition to the drums the set includes all the original hardware which is also perfect condition. Included is:
Slingerland Power King Bass Pedal
Slingerland Hi Hat
Slingerland Cymbal
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