we have a Vintage Slingerland Radio King Era Bass Drum Muffler
Needs new felt otherwise very good condition
A NYC vintage drum collector has visited us with three trap cases
stuffed full of fine Nickel Plated hardware and components
Be sure to check other current auctions
We are New England Percussion Partners
With 20 years of playing, collecting building and servicing we offer fast & courteous professional
service unparalelled by others in the industry
With a wide array of experience Jes Craig has played and performed in a wide variety of
musical settings ranging from Metal to Jazz in bands such as
Distrest, Honest Bill, Lush Blue Garden, P.U.D., Happy Monday, Bill Edwards Trio,
Rakalam Bob Moses, New Vine Wine and more
Some of our Clients include.
Frankie Banali
Andrew Barr
Brian Blade
Cindy Blackman
Django Carrenza
Matt Chamberlain
Miles Davis Estate
Dave Dicenso
Kenwood Dennard
Ross Garfield
Andy Hubbard
Pete Lockett
Dave Mattacks
Maxwell Drums
John Mcbride
Chris Mchugh
Joe Montineri
Stanton Moore
William Morris Agency
Live Nation
Rakalam Bob Moses
Randy Rainwater
John Ramsey
Joe Russo
Ashwin Sood
Jeremy Stacy
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