Vintage Slingerland 7-Piece Drum Kit Restore Project

This auction is for a Vintage 7-Piece Slingerland Drum Kit Restoration Project (1 22" Bass Drum, 1 Snare and 5 Toms - (1) 10", (2) 12", (1) 14" and (1) 15"). So at some point in its life most of the hardware was taken off to be restored and never put back together. The bass drum still has everything on it, as does one (1) tom and also the snare drum. The serial numbers are as follows: bass drum #930158, (1) tom is #930387, (1) tom #935575, (1) tom #930148, (1) tom #934263, (1) tom is #930148, and the snare #935746. The bass drum measures 22" wide x 14" deep. Toms measure as follows: (1) tom measures 15" wide x 11" deep; (1) tom measures 14" wide x 10" deep; (1) tom measures 12" wide x 10" deep; (1) tom measures 12" wide x 8" deep; and (1) tom measures 10" wide x 10" deep. The snare measures 14" wide x 4" deep. This restoration project comes with a large box of parts, which is very heavy. It appears as though most/all of the hardware is there but I am not 100% certain because this is the way that I bought it. Also it appears as though all the original rims are there for every piece. I did get to try out the snare at one point. The snare has a pretty great, unique sound - very poppy. All in all the shells are in good shape but this is clearly a restoration project. Shipping quoted for Contental US only (due to size and weight of

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