Vintage Slingerland Radio King 1940s

Slingerland Radio King Kit.

Very rare 1940s Slingerland Radio King in outstanding condition !! 13,16, 24 and 14" X 7.

I will start with the flaws and there are not many!!

There is a small area of bad edge (Factory from new) on the bottom side of the floor tom.

The snare has one slightly cracked lug and the snare lever arm looks to have lost its nickel coating.

All three drums are slightly yellowed and if hyper critical, the snare and bass drum are a shade darker.

The good points...

This is in stunning condition, the wrap is glossy and shines, the metal work is all nickel and in fantastic condition with no grazing on any of the bass drum T rods

The bass drum has two cymbal mounts (one L arm) two clip on bass drum mounts and the original red bass drum dampner and original 1940s Slingerland Kick pedal.

The toms have engraved clip hoops and top and bottom original Radio King calf heads with very little play time, all internal dampners are in place and work perfect.

One of the best snares ever (what a snare sound and with pure wire snares)

This is a true investment drum set and will only increase in value over the years!

Will ship outside the uk at buyers cost, Shipping is a estimate outside the UK


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