This is a made in the USA, fresh out of the attic, early 1950's, five piece, white pearloid Slingerland Radio King drum set with cymbals, hardware, and miscellaneous percussion accessories. The approximate sizes of the five drums are 14" x 26" bass drum, 7" x 14" wood shell snare drum, 16" x 16" floor tom, 9" x 13" tom tom, and 13" x 14" tom tom. All five drums, as well as some hardware pieces, have the name Slingerland and/or Radio King on them. All the heads are original. There are nine missing rubber feet. Three of the missing rubber feet go to the homemade (I believe), heavy-duty drum throne. I am not sure if the drum throne originally had rubber feet. The set has a Slingerland Epic hihat with clutch and bass drum pedal. It also includes two cymbal arms (one felt each) with bass drum shell attachments, a combination holder with 4 1/2" cowbell and woodblock, and snare stand. Other percussion items included are three sets of old drum brushes (marginally useful), an external bass drum muffler, maracas, and one pair of red sticks ribbed on one end. The two 10" hihats have no name, are a little out of round on the edges, are crimped in places on the edge, and have minor perimeter cracks in them. These unusual hihats also feature a 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" bell shape in the middle of them. The 12" and 14" Zildjian cymbals are in better

The 60 year old drum set which had been stored in an attic for quite some time, will need repair before being considered playable. The snare drum needs a new head, a repair to the throw off (it is frozen in place), an adjustment and/or replacement to the snare, and fixing the separation in the wood of the shell. The snare drum throw off lever is bent. There is an a 2" x 2" (approximately) dark, discolored spot (from moisture ?) inside the snare shell. The entire drum set does not have tension rod washers except for the snare which is also missing about one third of the washers. The bass drum hoop needs the inside pearloid band reattached to the hoop. The entire set is dirty and needs TLC. I have not taken the set apart. My assessment is based on the outside condition of the drums. Please ask any questions that you may have.

Shipping will be $200 in the lower 48 states of the USA. The drum set will be broken down and packed very carefully. The winning bidder is required to Payment in full is expected within five days of the auction's end. I usually ship within 24-48 hours of receiving cleared payment in full. I do not ship on weekends or holidays.

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