Vintage Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum Kurpa 1 ply Solid Maple COB No Reserve

Vintage Slingerland "Radio King"
Solid 1 ply Maple Shell Snare Drum
Up for bid here is a Slingerland "Radio King" solid maple shell snare drum. No Extra Holes ! This drum dates to the late 1930s - early 1940s. It is a 61/2 x 14, commonly referred to as the "Gene Krupa" model. This drum comes from the estate of a professional that used it for studio work. We can tell from the slight fade in the center of the shell that this was originally a lacquer "duco" finish. Probably blue with a gold stripe in the center. The lugs are modern replacements - great for actual use because you can tension the drum as tight as you want without worrying about cracking a lug. We are fortunate to have the original lugs (one is busted and they are all very pitted) and will give those to the winning bidder to keep with the drum for the sake of preserving the original parts. This shell is not excessively over sized like many old Radio Kings. We tried an Evans head on it and it slipped right on - Wow - sounded great - what a crack and very powerful rim shots - but still very sensitive - plenty of snare response at the edge of the head... Currently its wearing Aquarian American vintage heads (fantastic for brushes) This drum sounds sooooo good. The chrome over brass hoops and the solid shell come together to make that unmistakable Radio King sound
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