Vintage Slingerland "Radio King" snare drum 1956-1959 era

I found this nice vintage Slingerland Snare Drum at a recent estate sale. � I am not an expert on drums but do have some knowledge on brands and quality. Based on the Slingerland black and brass badge with "Chicago, ILL. U.S.A." labeling this drum was made between� 1956 and 1959. � The drum itself is in very nice condition. � I could not find any chips or cracks in the shell or rims. � 5x14 drum 1-ply maple shell,� Stick Saver rims8 lugs, 3 pt, strainer It currently has a Remo top skin and a Narawco bottom skin. The snare wire is in pretty good shape, and still pulls taught. If you want to use the drum for playing I would recommend replacing the string that holds the snare wire in place as it quite old.