Vintage Slingerland Set of Krupa's


This is a set of Slingerland drums Krupa left at the apartment of a jazz pianist, accompanist, John Bunch. ( Please Google John if you don’t know of him).

I meet John Bunch for the first time when he invited me to his apartment around 1977 to play a jam session. John’s little walk up was on the ground floor of a building on West 56th Street The players he mentioned I only knew of from recordings for the most part, and he told me I did not need to bring drums. I knew very little if anything about him at the time. I continued to go there off and on for about five or six years. As the time went by I came to like the drums and in small talk mentioned that if he ever decided to sell them I would buy them. He mentioned again that Krupa had left them with him over the years. I knew this by then as he had spoken about it before.

There was no floor tom and the drums all had calf except the Slingerland snare. There was a Leedy 5”, the Slingerland 5 ½”, a thin China boy about 19” I can’t find, a 13” splash, a 9”X 13” tom and the 22” bass drum.

Years went by and I forgot about the drums and saw John only occasionally playing luncheons or dinner parties in the hotels. He was working for Tony Bennett among others, but I had no idea at the time of his musical associations. When again he
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