Vintage Smal Girls NIGHTGOWN Collectable Sleep Ware

33" long

Used but not abused - Very quite nice condition - Feels like fine Cotton to me with embroidered froonies - Two small buttons at neck

Needs Washing to get rid of 60 + years of minor storage odor

Marked - Nope

Circa - Mid 1940's +/- Is my educated guess but you tell me because I'm not the smartest Crayon in the Bunk Bed


Terms and Conditions - NONE - Read other sellers Drib-Drab & Stipulations and then fall to the floor laughing

Our local corner Latte Coffee stand in Renton (near Seattle) burned down! Yep.. pert' near took out the whole trailer park. The library was a total loss, too. Both books - POOF - up in flames, and nobody hadn't even finished coloring one of them. (This has nothing to do with this listing - Use it anyway - OK)

Drive last Putt first