Beautiful Vintage Solid Silver Charm Bracelet with 33 charms attached + 18 loose

A really lovely Solid Silver Charm Bracelet with 34 Silver charms attached and 18 further charms which been collected but not attached.

This was inherited from a relative who never really wore it.

Some of the charms open to reveal extra detail. eg The swan has a little ballerina and there is a lobster in the pot.

It weighs approx 150 grams not including the loose charms

The extra charms include an old man sitting on a bench with his flask and a dog in his kennel which opens.


Filigree padlock

1. Deer

2. Wishing well with lose bucket and moveable arm

3. Swan that opens with ballerina inside

4. Coach with BOAC on side also opens

5. Fan that opens

6. Elephant

7. Welsh dragon

8. Champagne bucket with bottle that opens

9. Yacht wheel

10. Hollow heart

11. Heart with I love you

12. Caravan that opens

13. Bunch of keys

14. Frog with pink stone

15. Gondola

16. Old house that opens

17. Steam engine with wheels that turn

18. Old style scooter

19. Steam boat with paddles that move

20. Lobster pot that opens with lobster inside

21. Letter U

22. Mini that opens

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