Vintage Soloflex Poster featuring Scott Madsen, 23"x33

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Vintage Soloflex Poster featuring Scott Madsen
The original full color 23 1/2" x 33 1/2"
Scott Madsen was a teenage gymnast who answered an ad in a small town newspaper, the ad was seeking a model for a new and different kind of home exercise equipment. The machine was Soloflex, the model was Scott Madsen. It was as if the two were made for each other, both sleek, efficient and full of potential. Scott Madsen caused quite a sensation when he did the soloflex muscle machine print ads in the eighties. This poster shows the gorgeous Scott Madsen. He is truly an awesome looking man. Buy it and you will enjoy it. 23.5 x 33.5 inch poster featuring Scott Madsen, the original muscle guy for the Soloflex machine. Poster is in very good condition. What a great historical record of Soloflex's early marketing of their revolutionary workout machine! Hard to find collectible.
Soloflex is a technology all its own and prides itself on having no cables or pulleys. It utilizes a unique variable resistance elastomer made of heavy-duty rubber called the Weightstrap. Weightstraps are available in resistance levels from 2.5 lbs to 100lbs, and the Classic comes with 405 pounds of Weightstraps. The patented barbell works like a free-weight barbell, but its solid and permanent

Vital Info: If mailing a payment, include all auction numbers, item names, and your shipping address. Exclusion of this information will delay shipment. You would be amazed at how many checks Brady receives without any corresponding information. Someone just contacting me about the model featured on this poster. was my response:
Thank you for drawing my attention to the Scott Madsen-Randy Potter mystery. I did a Google search for Randy Potter and found this page: /responsemag/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=109524
The guy in the photo does look like an older version of the guy in the brochures and poster. I also did a search for Scott Madsen and Soloflex and I found hundreds more sites and images for Scott Masden and Soloflex than I did for Randy Potter. Are they co-incidentally two very similar looking guys who happen to work for Soloflex? Or are names being confused ? How did this confusion ever start? In any case, whether it be Scott or Randy, you still get a fine-looking brochure or poster from the auctions I currently have posted on eBay. Thank you smithnamaste for this interesting bit of information!
I did just call Soloflex at the number you gave me. They could not put me in touch with Rita or Jerry, but the person I talked to did say that BOTH Scott and Randy worked t as models at one time AND they both look similar! In fact, she could not even tell me for sure which model is featured on each of the materials I posted. If you know any more about this interesting story, please let me know and I will post it on the page! Thank you!

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