Vintage Sony 7F-74W 10 transistor car or portable radio

is a really nice early SONY AM/FM radio that is set up to be used either as a car radio or a portable radio or both alternately. T is a connection slot in the back that has 13 internal (female) connector points for a partner rack that would have mounted under the dashboard of a car (not included).

The radio plays great. It's sitting next to me now with Ruby Foster blasting out The Blues on NPR FM. Earlier I listened to the Royals losing (again), on AM. Tuning light works. All the controls are smooth. On/off is the left pull/push knob, which then turns for volume. Tone is only on or off, with the middle white push button.

The battery compartment is clean, but the battery lifting ribbon is stained and the little foam pad is missing. No chips or cracks in the case but numerous small rub & scrape marks in the bottom front edge. I have not used plastic polish on it, so appearance could still be improved. Half of the antenna clip is missing.

Looks like a 1960's item. Wish I had one of these in my '63 VW back then!

Please add $7.00 for US shipping; $35.00 for overseas air mail.

This evening I looked around and found the adapter that I use for my ICF-S5W, ICF-5900W and ICF-5500W Sonys. It is 4.5 volt, negative center with a 5mm OD nozzle tip. It works great with the radio! The Sony Model number
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