Vintage Old SOUTH BEND Wood Fishing Lure TEAS ORENO


Amazing Estate Sale Find!

50 Vintage, Antique, Rare Lure & Reel Auctions this week!

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Up for auction here is a Vintage Wood Fishing Lure!

~South Bend~


Wood, Two Hook, Painted Metal Eyes

I purchased a Collection of Rare, Vintage/Antique, Fishing Lures from an Estate Sale in Pennsylvania last week. Last week I sold a tackle box FULL of Vintage Lures... so many people wanted different lures out of that collection that this week I'm listing each lure on its own... so here you go! I'm not a Vintage Fishing Lure Expert so please review photos for age, condition, and type of lure.

I have NOT cleaned lures or tried to restore them in any way, shape, or form. They are sold as found and purchased. NOTE; The owner was way into fishing... he had HUNDREDS of lures. He also took very good care of them as you'll read and see. If you see WHITE residue on the lure most likely its WAX. He waxed many of his lures so that they worked better in the water and lasted longer in his tackle collection. The wax comes off easily and really helped save the condition of these lures!

If you're not sure please feel free to ask questions
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