Vintage Sparton Wood Radio Knobs-7

T are seven wood radio knobs total. The four wooden vintage radio knobs measure one inch across x 5/8th inch in height. We were told they were from

a Sparton Sled radio from the mid 1930's. Similar to Bunis 3rd.edition "Antiuqe Radios" pg 221 number 557. They are

solid walnut with a metal insert on the face. Two are mounted by 'D' stem and two are mounted by set screws. The other three

knobs are also solid walnut with four insized edge lines and are 7/8 th wide x 1/2 inch in height and mount by set screws.

I have seen them on Scott, Sparton, Addison, Crosley and about two or three others. So we dont know who they were originally

made for, or the correct set they were to go on. If you have any questions, please email at nks .