Vintage Sports card collection Baseball 1950's-now RC's

Well it's about that time. The time when one must make a tough decision. I just met my future wife and i'm going to sell every single sports card I own in order to buy her a wedding ring. I've sold some small lots on ebay before to alot of satisfied i'm letting everything go all at once. I promise you that you will never see me sell another sports card on ebay as long as I live. I'm keeping nothing and no longer have a desire for these to consume my basement. I've collected cards for 20 or so years and have bought several other collections from individuals over time including my 3 brothers. I'm a little annoyed that I can only put a few pictures on because i've seen other people rig their page with 50 pictures but I'm just not that computer savvy. That probably works in your favor. For every good card that you see in the picture t are 100 in a box not shown. Star cards. Rookie Cards. Vintage cards. Cards that are extremely rare. Let me try and explain some of what you might be able to see in the pictures... First I will discuss the best card. A 1950 Bowman Jackie Robinson card, I love this card slightly less than my future wife and that's the only reason i'm able to let it go. It isn't perfect but the color is great, the corners are good, and other than a tiny surface crease that is hardly visible it's beautiful. This ... read more