Nice Vintage Stanley No.04 Smoothing Plane

This is my old Stanley No.04 Smoothing Plane, dating from somewhere between 1948 and 1961. Overall it is in very nice condition, with smooth and clean side cheeks and sole.There is no sign of rust, pitting or cracks anywhere, just the patina of age and what seems to be very light usage. The original paintwork is almost intact, apart from some chipping along the top edges of the side cheeks. The front knob and rear tote/handle are in lovely condition, having been refinished with several coats of yacht varnish, which is much tougher and more durable than the original finish. The blade still has 2in or 51mm of usable length left. The chrome lever cap is bright and shiny, but has some small pit-marks. As with most of my planes, it has been treated to some fine adjustment and fettling. For example, all the mating surfaces of the frog have been flatted, the back of the blade has been flatted and polished and the cap iron fitted to the blade and its' front edge smoothed and polished to ease the flow of shavings. This is a lovely old plane, which will outperform all but the most expensive modern equivalents.