Vintage Stanley 46 Plow Plane

Stanley No. 46 Adjustable Dado, Filletster, and Plow Plane. Made around 1898. It is nickelplated with rosewood handle, front knob & fence. The originalSTANLEY blades of various widths are skewed, which makes the plane more versatile when used across the grain. It has the original 5 ½" long arms with the sliding second skate with an adjustable slitter. This sliding skate has floral designs with "No. 46 & STANLEY" cast on each end. The spurs - one on the sliding section and one on the main stock - are lowered so that they can score the wood prior to the cutter to prevent tear out when cutting across the grain. The plating is good with some normal spots worn from use. The rosewood is in good condition with some normal wear and tear. This plane come with 9 original blades. The thumb screws on the second skate and one thumb screw in the fence are missing. Listed in the "Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools 2003 Pocket Price Guide" as valued between $150 and $425, p. 123. Email for more pictures and questions.
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