Vintage Stanley Bailey No.7 Jointer Smooth Plane, Type 10 (1907 - 1910)

Here we have a clean Vintage Stanley Bailey No.7 Jointer Smooth Plane, Type 10 (1907 - 1909). All moving parts operate smoothly. The original black japanning is about 85-90%. The Rosewood Low front knob and Tote are in Very Good condition with some user nicks, gouges or scratches (no cracks or breaks). The top of the Tote has a '7' scratched inn and there is a small sliver missing off the right side of the horn. The cutter adjusting knob is the small brass version and has no pliers marks . The sole and mouth are in Excellent condition with only user nicks and scratches. As far as markings, there is BAILEY at the toe, PAT'D. MAR-25-02 AUG-19-02 behind the Frog, and No 7 behind the tote. The lever cap is in Very Good condition and has the 'straight-shaped' slot. The lateral lever is stamped STANLEY. The full length blade is the 1909 version stamped: STANLEY . There are no chips, cracks, breaks, or repairs in this plane. The blade should be sharpened up before use.

Apologies: None.

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