Vintage Star Wars action figures n case most complete NM/M original weapons

USA bidders only , no exceptions . Star Wars figures and case . Very nice collection of Mint and near mint figures . Case and trays are nice and clean but case is slightly warped! Button closes case and handle aren't broken ! Figures are C-6.5 to C-9 . Most have all their original weapons and Not repros ! Some AFA gradeable very nice lot
Chewbacca Mint w/ weapon
Han solo fair to NM w/ weapon
Farm boy Luke little discolored w/ weapon I just broke tip off
Leia nice n white but cape has tape at shoulders no weapon
C3po NM but lose slightly
DarthVader NM w/ weapon
R2 d2 light discoloration but c-8
Ben Kenobi gray hair mint w/ weapon
Death star gunner nice but emblem on chest is slightly worn no weapon
Sand person slight play wear on Grey/ silver w/ weapon
Sand person slight play wear on Grey / silver no weapon
Jawa brown stick slight wear on hands w/ weapon
Greedo mint w/ weapon
Hammerhead mint w/ weapon
Walrus man mint w/ weapon
Snaggle tooth paint rubs on feet no weapon
Power droid 7.5
Bobba fett brown belt mint w/ weapon
Storm trooper near mint w/ weapon
Storm trooper c7.5 no weapon
Storm trooper c8.0 no weapon
Luke X-wing pilot c 8 with weapon
R5-d4 c-7
Power droid NM
Death star droid NM
For a total of 24 vintage figures an a descent
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