Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker loose double telescopic rare

I am selling a vintage Luke Skywalker with a double telescopic light saber that is 1/2 vintage, 1/2 reproduction. The smaller end I was told when I purchased him was a reproduction. The larger end has a small crack in the middle but is intact. If you have never owned one, this is a nice affordable addition to your collection. These are hard to find, but because of condition I am starting the auction at a reasonable price.
If removing the saber, use extreme caution. The last picture is how it will be shipped to you, packaged in a small box.
Study pictures closely and contact me with any questions.

I have uploaded new pictures showing lightsaber up close. Again, the base portion of saber is vintage with "R" stamp on handle. The tip portion is reproduction. small crack on vintage portion.
I have removed and inserted it in figure several times, it is pretty durable, not hanging "by a thread". hope this is helpful.