Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker_AFA 80_12 back_No reserve

It's the end of an era friends.............time to sell my beloved Star Wars collection. I collected them when I turned 7 years old, and Star Wars had just come out. I started collecting them again when I was 37. I have re-lived some of my childhood, and now I must move on........ I have other expensive hobbies, and I can't afford to do them all............It has been a blast, but now, over the course of a few months, I will be selling my entire collection. It's a pretty vast collection and will take a while to list it all, so keep me as one of your 'favorite sellers'. I will be selling everything 'auction style', with no reserve! That's the most exciting way to do it. Remember, I am a COLLECTOR, not a buyer. These were hand picked by myself and then I had everything graded by the AFA. I was going to try to hold on to them until the next movie comes out but I need some greenbacks.........PRONTO! There is only a finite amount of these toys from the seventies and my guess is the value will skyrocket when the Disney Star Wars comes out, slated for 2014..........I am going to list my stuff 5 at a time, that way it won't be stressful trying to get them sent out. I am going to start with some of my heavy hitters and work from there. Good luck. No international bidders. Ask any questions. May the force be with you, and have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... read more