Vintage Star Wars Return of The Jedi Paploo MOC

Read Everything Before You Bid!!!!!!!

Up for bid is a Vintage Star Wars Return of the Jedi Paploo MOC. Im not a pro grader so I will try my best to describe any damage to the card/bubble/figure. Because I may over look somethings on accident please use the pictures and ask all the questions you need to come up with your own judgement of figures.


The proof of purchase was cut off and there is a small hole in the back of the card that enters the figure area, does not affect figure or bubble in anyway. The two bottom corners of the card are dented a little and there is sticker residue on the front as well. Card has a couple of spider veins. Card lays flat and bubble is dent and yellow free.


Sorry there Are No Refunds. PAYMENTS ARE DUE WITHIN 2 DAYS!!!! If you can not pay within 2 days please dont bid. Dont write me after you have won and tell me you can't pay until later, think of this as any other online store where you have to pay right away if you want your item, the only difference is that i give you 2 days to pay. Paypal only and NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS PLEASE!!!!!


I ship out on Wednesdays and saturdays only, I work full time. Shipping for this figure is 7.50, that includes box, packing material and tracking for your package. I also provide insurance
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