is a nice piece of railroad lighting from the 1920s os so. This is a steam locomotive classification lamp. These were electric lamps attached to the front of the locomotive, one on each side. A "Clear" light meant you were the first or only train. A "Green" light meant that your train was a "Section" , or additional following train running on the same schedule as the first train. Popular trains such as the 20th Century Limited would run in multiple sections, especially when t was a big event in either Chicago or New York, and the CENTURY was the only way to travel in style.

In this lamp, you change the light from "clear" to "green" by operation of the brass lever, which drops a green glass insert in front of the clear outer lens. The outer lens are original Corning glass. This piece is unmarked as to railroad. Manufacturer's mark of: "The Pyle-National Company Chicago, U.S.A./ Pat.d Nov. 25,1924." Old black paint, probably done in the service, no dents or cracks to the metal. All original, but lacks the interior lighting source.

This would be a piece of cake to electrify, and would look great over a bar, or in a nice display of railroad memorabilia.