Vintage Stella Banjo Mandolin 1920s

I am offering a 1920's Stella banjo. This is vintage - my grandfather brought it home from WW1.

It has Stella imprinted on the wood.

I don't know much about a banjo so I have taken several pictures so that you can see for yourself. We had the material replaced (that is stretched across the round part) about 20 years ago. You can see that it is now shrunk.

T is no case.

If you can help me with info or how to better describe this instrument, it would be appreciated.

I'm getting ready to retire so I need to part with this.

Good luck looking!!

According to our Ebayer's:

"Your banjo is what's called a -banjo mandolin- or -mandolin banjo-. It's strung, tuned and played just like a wooden mandolin."

"It is a banjo mandolin and you will probably have better luck advertising it on ebay under mandolin. Stellas are well known. Somebody who wants it will not be intimidated by the dust or the torn head. they will be interested in a close up shot of the neck w the strings are tightened, the neck w it attaches to the body and the place the strings attach on the bottom, Good luck"