Vintage Stereo/Hi Fi by VM Voice of Music Wood Cabinet

This is an old stereo/Hi Fi by VM - The Voice of Music - Model #564 in a wood cabinet. Includes owners manuel, schematic chart and paper turntable instructions. According to the manuel this is a wonderfully styled, compact contemporary console. The perfect expression of modern design, this 'Fidelis' Table Model contains a superb dual-channel amphification system. Has a V M 'Stere-O-Matic' automatic record changer, push-pull amplifier with self-contained pre-amplifier, a 45 rpm spindle and 2 heavy duty 8" speakers. There looks to be 7 tubes inside the cabinet for the speakers. It measures approx 22" x 19" x 8". The inside is immaculate. The wood has some scratches and a water ring but could be refinished and the speaker cloth is in very good condition with no tears or pulled threads. Beautiful piece to have sitting around for a conversation piece. A couple wires are not connected and who knows, with alittle help you might be able to play records on it. No Reserve. Good luck bidding and God Bless