vintage sterling silver charm bracelet w/charms unique

what i have is a vintage sterling silver charm bracelet with 15 charms. and some of the most unique and detailedcharms ive ever seen. some of the charms even have moving parts! so please look closely at these charms. i dont want you to miss out just because i take bad pictures. the bracelet itself measures 7" long and is a simple link chain with a double sided clasp that has 'sterling' stamped in it. the 1st charm is a medallion nearly 3/4" in diameter. engraved on one side of the medallion are the words 'bleib mirgut', of which i havent a clue the meaning or language, in block print. engraved on the other side of the medallion is a word in cursive script. the first letter is very ornamental and i cant tell just what it is but i believe the rest spells 'ednig'. i believe this is a name but i really dont know. the 2nd charm is a top hat that measures 1/2" in length, just under 1/2" in width and is 1/4" deep. t is a green hat band around it that appears to be some kind of stone or gem maybe. its not paint, i know. the 3rd charm is a four leaf clover with a ball in the center. this charm measures 3/4"x3/4". the 4th charm is a pig. yes, a little ol pig, curly tail and all, measuring in at nearly 1" long, 1/2" tall, and 1'4" wide. the 5th charm is one of my favorites. its a bicycle that measures 1 1/4" long and 1" tall. what makes

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