This is a Vintage Sterling Silver Modern Overlapping Four Band Cuff Bracelet in "as is" condition. The bracelet is marked "Sterling". There is no artist mark, but looks like a nice artisan piece. The bracelet is made of four bands that are soldered together at the cuff ends with one cuff end being wider than the other. The four bands then separate from the soldered ends and overlap on top of each other just off center about 1" from front when smaller cuff end is on left side. The bracelet feels pretty solid and is quite heavy. I do not have a troy ounce scale, but according to my postal scale it weighs about 2.2 ounces. According a conversion calculator I found on the internet, 2.2 ounces is 2 troy ounces. Please note that this amount is according to a conversion calculator to give you a rough idea how much it weighs in troy ounces and not from actually weighing the bracelet on a troy ounce scale. Please see all eleven photos for details. I tried my best to inspect this bracelet with my magnifying glass. The bracelet has some dirt and film from being handled and worn, I would recommend cleaning before wearing. The reason why this bracelet is being sold in "as is" condition is because it shows some bit of use and wear. Although the bracelet shows some bit of use and wear, it is not too overly abused and still wearable (if you are

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