Vintage Sterling Silver Spun Filigree Necklace, 20" , 9.37g

Hello there and welcome! I have here a very beautiful vintage about somewhere in the 40s or 50s sterling silver spun filigree necklace. Now this is all one piece as the chain has the same design as the piece that is called the pendant, they all go together and look amazing! There is no markings on this necklace saying it is sterling silver, but I have tested it many times, it is sterling and the necklace does have Italy marked on one of the rings where the clasp is. Italy has only made some of your best jewelry so I am confident about this necklace, I can only say that the workmanship on this necklace is truly a work of art! This necklace has a very nice weight of 9.37grams, nice! The pendant part is 1 3/4" long and 15/16" wide or 44mm long and 13mm wide and the chain is about 20" long. This necklace would make a wonderful gift for someone that collects old jewelry or maybe even for yourself, this necklace is wearable! If you have any questions, please ask and I would be clad to answer. THANK YOU for looking and for your offers and come back again, you are always welcome! I ONLY EXCEPT PAY PAL, THANK YOU!! PAYMENT IS EXPECTED RIGHT AFTER AUCTION ENDS AND 3 DAY GRACE AFTER AUCTION ENDS, THANK YOU!!