Vintage Stevens Walden socket set SPINTITES Must SEE!

You are bidding on the set of socket-like screw drivers that are depicted in the scans...The set was purchased at an estate sale so I will describe to the best of my ability. I have not seen these on e Ba y.

This is a complete set of wooden handled screw drivers with sockets at the ends. They fit neatly into a wooden case. T is a worn decal on the front of the wooden case that says, "SPINTITES."

Underneath "Spintites" the decal is worn, but you can make out, "Stevens Walden Inc., Worcester, Mass."

On the side of the metal stem it says, "Spintite, Walden Worcester, Made in U.S.A." followed by the socket size.

Email questions and concerns before bidding.

Thanks for looking!