Vintage, Stippled Raindrop and Dewdrop, Creamer, Rare

We are listing four pieces of childrens glassware, and this Stippled Raindrop and Dewdrop is considered rare in our book of Toy Glass by Doris Lechler, figure TS-48, on page223, and is stated as not reproduced. This is an adorable creamer, in clear, measuring 2 1/4 " tall. This little creamer is produced with a very rough seam around the top outer edge which isn't unusual but I can find a few tiny flecks around that seam,one a little less than 1/8" and one that is insignifigant except that it seams to have caused a 1/4" hairline, unless it's just one of the many tiny straw marks, and perhaps an 1/8" hairline on the edge of the base. I dont like picking apart these old pieces because they are almost never perfect, and this is really very nice, please email me if you need more information, buyer to pay actual shipping charges of approx. $5.00 if in the continental U.S. and insurance. Thank you!