Vintage Style Flapper MANNEQUIN HEAD Hat/Wig Stand 26


Thanks to everyone who's been bidding on and buying my mannequin heads! I also appreciate all the wonderful e- mails. I never imagined that t would be so many kind people out from all over the world, who are interested in my work! My mannequins are very useful, fashionale pieces to grace your bedroom or bathroom vanity, boutique or shop.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Mannequin Head/Bust. She turned out really GLAMOROUS. I painted and then sealed a new fiberglass head with various coats of protective matte varnish, in order to create her. The mannequin is quite sturdy and won't tip over easily. She has black hair and she's sporting a typical flapper hairstyle. The mannequin has "smoky" light green eyes with a combination of long painted-on and false eyelashes. She's wearing COPPER "eyeshadow". Her full pouty mouth is dark pink and she has soft pink cheeks. Her painted-on dress is cream with black detail. The vintage dress clip is not removeable. She measures approx. 26" tall and her head circumference is 21". She has pierced ears, enabling her to model earrings beautifully. The mannequin can be used to display scarfs, wraps, tiaras, hats, wigs and jewelry. She comes to you signed, dated and numbered by me. None of the accessories are included
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