Vintage Style GI Joe RARE Mae West Vest Card Replica Custom Made 50th Ann.

Vintage Style RARE Mae West Vest Card Custom Made 50th Anniversary Special
This is a custom set made by me. This is a replica of the ultra rare 1967 Mae West Card Set #7816. The card's graphics have been fully restored both front and back. The graphics were then printed on high quality equipment and then applied to quality card stock. The helmet sticker graphics were also fully restored. All of the equipment in this set is brand new quality factory made. The equipment was hand stitched to the card. The cello is a dead ringer and has the same or better quality as the 40th small cards. The card was then sealed and brass grommet was applied. This set has already been praised by the few folks who were already able to obtain it through my Vintage GI Joe Group.
Not many of these will be made so if you want it better act now. In fact this is the last one that I will have for awhile.
The original set is long sought after by collectors for many years and originals have been known to sell in the neighborhood of $3500.00
Those who know my work will be pleased to get one of these.
Please allow two weeks give or take for shipment to arrive once paid for.
Thanks and Roy