Vintage Subbuteo Test Match Edition Cricket Set

A near complete Subbuteo Test Match Edition� cricket� set from 1976This a neat set in its original box and� includes� all but one item from the full� specification� for the test match edition. All that is missing is one set of bails. The set includes; - Pitch in a good clean condition with only a few small marks - Full compliment of 00� scale� figures.� - 1 wicket keeper and 2 slips and 2 batsmen (blue); 1 wicket keeper and two� batsmen� (green) - 7 out fielders, 1 bowler figure - 2 umpires, 4 spectators and 4 deck chairs in� various� colours - 2 wicket bases, 2 wicket stops - 1 bowler device - 1 red bat handle and 2 cream colored bats, 6 stumps and 1 set of bails and 2 red balls. - 1 blue score book - 2 sight screens. The box is in a reasonable condition considering its age with the usual wear and tear. There is some sellotape repairing to the top and bottom round the corners. The inner trays are in better condition.� All in all, a very nice example of the greatest game ever invented. There a lot of very tatty examples about. This is not one of them. No reserve on this excellent item. ! Sorry for the cost of postage but the box is very large and is heavy.