Vintage SUN HEMMI - BAMBOO Slide Rule, Made in Occupied Japan - 1951

This slide rule belonged to our neighbor, an engineer who passed away in the '80's. His wife gave it to my father, an architect/engineer, who was happy to accept it. Treated gently by both owners, it is in excellent condition. Initial owner's name and the date of purchase are on the inside flap of the leather case, "Property of Ralph H. Johnson, Cost 600 yen, Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 21, '51." No. 157 is written on the outside of the flap, and that is the number on the rule itself. "BAMBOO SLIDE RULE, SUN HEMMI" is at the top of the flap. Also, the words "SUN HEMMI, Made in Occupied Japan" are on the side of the rule.
A homemade label has been taped on the leather case. It reads, "R.H.Johnson, ADER 734-89-50, USNR PATROL SQUADRON 892 (VP 892) C/O FLEET POST OFFICE, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A."
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