Vintage SUPER SINBAD Berkeley RC Sailplane Model Plans

The Berkeley SINBAD 40, SINBAD THE SAILOR and finally the SUPER SINBAD were the prettiest tow-line glider kits ever produced. They looked like a real Schweizer glider and had a cockpit that allowed you to put a small pilot's head in it for realism.

All were identical except in wingspans---and the fact that this SUPER SINBAD added rudder-only RC. This Berkeley ad appeared 49 years ago in the September, 1960, American Modeler magazine. I have since found an old Berkeley ad on page 84 of the November, 1945, Model Airplane News that features the SUPER SINBAD for $2.50!!! So we have a 64-year-old design that has certainly withstood the tests of time.

Many years later Berkeley sold their kit line to Duke Fox in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and he eventually sold the line to SIG in Iowa. This particular kit plan plan is the original Berkeley plan but with the SIG logo on the bottom. T is no date at all on these plans, and I don't know when SIG stopped producing the kits.

The wingspan is a nice 62 inches, so this glider will take any 2-channel setup you may have without any worry about weight. I always use power assist pods on the top of my glider wings and use Cox .020 or .049 engines to get a nice climb to altitude. This arrangement works really well for me.

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