This guitar was purchased in the US some 20 odd years ago from a store in Winston Salem ISTR.

These guitars were used extensively by assorted players over time, from old blues players to Jack White and Derek Trucks and a pantheon of others, they have all had a Supro in hand.

The real kick with these guitars is that they sound neither like a Fender or a Gibson crank up some moody reverb, grab a slide and these are as dark as night and will stand out in any mix.

They are unique in their sound. This model is built out of reso-glass aka fibreglass, with a wooden neck.

I have never cleaned or tried to restore this guitar and the dust and bit of yellowing is part of its charm, the electrics work and the pots are not too noisy or crackly all the electrics function although to be honest I have never opened it up and put a battery in the tremolo circuit, so not making any claims to its functionality. In general the guitar is functional and does its job.

I have linked to a few external videos of Supro's in action. Although none of these capture the darker side of these instruments al la Jack White and co but give a flavour of what they can do.

Will be sad to see an old friend go but my playing days are about done, time to let someone else enjoy.

As I travel a fair bit it may be possible to arrange
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