Vintage TATAY Guitar ~ Beautiful Acoustic Guitar w/case

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A Vintage Acoustic Guitar ~ I am told it is a Vicente Tatay from the 1940's.

I am not a guitar player and know nothing about this instrument. It appears, to my eye, to be a beautiful guitar. It has 6 strings. It sounds awesome when I strum the strings.

Look at the photos carefully, there are 12 photos total. There is one photo that clearly shows some engraving on the neck. There is another photo that shows some sort of transparent sticker, I cannot read what it says.

I purchased it from a yard sale, so I do not know any history. Please ask questions and know that I will do my best to answer what I can. The guitar case needs some love, it is missing 2 latches and shows signs of use.


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**PLease note that we have been advised that this could just be a VERY GOOD reproduction of an original TATAY. Please bid with full knowledge that I know nothing about guitars or guitar makers and that you are the expert and need to bid based on YOUR knowledge of guitars and their makers. My goal is to be totally honest...

i got this email that might help so of you.

Hi, Its a real Tatay, made in their factory in Spain. For a history of Tatay guitars see /content/index.cfm?action=view&ContentID=68&Parent_ContentID=3 . You will have to scroll down the page. This is one of their many factory made guitars, not one of the early ones, but it still looks to be around 40 years old or older. Tatay kept using all solid woods as well, so that is a plus. Regards, Tom

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