A wesome Taxco Gate-Leg Bracelet
A stunning example of great design combining with superior construction.
This vintage Mexican silver bracelet has a classic Art Deco style known as Gate-Leg.
I have read that the difficult Gate-leg design was created by Taxco silversmiths using hand wrought silver pieces. These "legs" were joined in a staggered "gate-leg" motif by use of concealed silver pins.
On most gate-leg bracelets of this sort the actual pin is visible on the both top and bottom of the piece.
This bracelet is a stand out since it employs the same technique but has improved upon it with a hidden silver pin hinge.
Expert craftsmanship makes this bracelet fully articulated and oh so comfortable to wear.
In fact, the picture that is second from the bottom on the right hand side shows the bracelet closed and "inside out" with the closure in the front and markings to the right of it.
The silver sections are all smoothly rounded so wearing a silky knit isn't a worry.
Another great concept is the strong hidden closure. The smooth lines of the piece flow unbroken by a traditional box clasp. In fact when you have it on it will take some time in finding the section that "unhooks. Again, please refer to the pictures for details.
Thirty gate-leg sections went into the making of this piece which
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